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vice chairman responsible for budget and structural policies explain the framework of the debate don't send jokes. domingo weekend. and unless he has been ditched and european governments. so this fits into the rut of discussions that he got the budget the budget of some of that today tokyo but it is that ninety five percent. this might have discussed that won't mean an addiction. with the stupid dumb and so cheap alicia forty six who was given. for that. and then took the kids until the cheese is going to produce gold and jewels. he says what ppp would it would go. support for the student addiction. to have talks and jokes. you know. we went to the what don't be put to the temple. she had to cope with the auction page. say bye. the succession may force the cold weather west about the companies which order gets quite a joy. following the fall of the taleban in afghanistan woman have been finding ways to express themselves. some have been successful the media. a bit but he's the first human baby stationed in afghanistan. it looks it up in that office epo was ocean is a canadian team d
to eliminate the consequences. i don't even see more water user organization cope with the problem of the harmful effects of these wells on the environment. no single government agency deals with this problem. or is that it was the truth the truth after the last government meaning with this patient to present the stories trying to solve this problem the sultan as a mine steve instructions to find the solutions to this problem on the campaign he didn't go with it and within the republican on the prime minister gave an instruction to solve this problem. we reserve the funds in the budget for two thousand fourteen since two thousand fourteen will start eliminating the swells which was awful with the forty most dangerous wells will be eliminated in the first page the representatives of the responsible authority should all and animals most comics there will be completely eliminated in the next few years the awarding ceremony of the best religious studies scholars of context and was held at the third form of religious scholars to produce even spoke about the importance of the spiritual a
be made more transparent by the second reading. no don't touch it too much the deputies asked to stop focusing on price and take into account the quality as well. he was also suggested to exclude purchase food for school cafeterias for the retirement system. coz about that or international exhibition featuring recent innovations in the field of real construction opened today in austin are becoming minister transporting communications ask argument aliens expressed confidence that such events will be the new impedance to the development of the road industry. the peculiarities of the road construction and extreme climate conditions was the main topic of discussions domestic road builders adopted some of the techniques of the foreign colleagues which enable them to cut costs and reduce environmental damage. it was abducted along with the neighbors was the top of the cross and the common good we saved twenty five percent of energy resources. this is a huge economic effect the cost will be cut by five to six percent who want to use it exactly this type of asphalt concrete their own administ
of the next council meeting. on the pound and i would get knocked out in the novice monk opinion. don't miss the snow stations during a concert on the motion for a nap. the chairman of the upper house of the cause of parliament met with a delegation of the czech parliamentarians headed by the deputy president of the senate from the silks a book to simulate o'connor noted that context and cooperation with the czech republic is important both bilateral aid in the framework of strategic partnership with the european union. he stressed the importance of cooperation and the osce parliamentary aembly been requested to support context its candidacy for election to the un security council as a non permanent member of june two thousand seventeen three two thousand eighteen friend sells a book us in the context and is one of the party partners for the czech republic. he reported that the czech republic intends to participate actively in the expo two thousand seventeen international exhibition in austin now then as the ideal platform for the promotion of hungarian products and services to the buckets o
don't have plans to inflate the population to two to three million. i stash and the city with all conditions for culpable life. we need to think that in order to prevent and folk migrants. we should not give the people hope that everything is possible in austin. we need to reconsider the legislation us denies our capital. we should prevent increasing the number of small residential buildings on the contrary we need to get rid of them. then the world with several other proposed cuts were due to snow storm of torture the president also spoke about the news plans announced in a land parcels which were once purchased at bargain prices not turn when owners into knowing there's the general prosecutor's office will conduct an investigation on land owners in the origin of the property social status of the citizens in development of infrastructure has always been on this pest control of the president. not to smoke them. her mom. so simple. we need to see how we can improve the social situation enterprises private companies national companies can built in the gardens themselves. we need to
pay taxes to erode operation enterprise and the roads were there on time but now we don't know who our taxes are going to end the road quality is the airport because of a welcome sight. i was going to dusk on the stairs to my car to be the brute forces drivers to slow way down to complete the journey in a lot of repairs are needed to be made in the process the president discussed about this issue but nothing was done about it. today the deputy of the cousin jill is a ghostly old would criticize the current cabinet ministers to call the government performance and satisfactory. it has not sought to one of the main problems which the provision of citizens with an affordable housing. she mentioned the residential building wasilla which recently collapsed in pentagon as an example to me jill is deputy also pointed out the lack of availability of flats and thus the programs in the store modernization of housing and utilities sectors. according to michael so he will block the promises of the ministers have not been for phil just yet. he hit the czech slovak i give promises but did not fill th
its importance the deceased people when you don't have relatives who conceive them which means that little time to find someone go up because of the school. it is a global problem. usually people in our country skis because of religious reasons but this is actually wrong. i think it is necessary to spell it out in the walk and tell people about its importance. none of those religions printed. i think it is a good deed to people who welcomed news of the little o compartment the trick is that as modern medicine is developing for instance plantation surgery is improving as well. i'm professional skills a specialist in necessary equipment giving chance of recovery to hundreds of people. the austin the ballet troupe while debating audience with a sold out opening performance of their first international tour the troops numbers included causing dances indian folk dances and chinese folk dances which please the crowd all hallmarks of the performance was the troops innovative choreography singers from the cars at state theater also impressed the spectators i know it is difficult to pre
are importance to us use more cheese the week of documentary films don't go sch first has started to cost about eight films about the life and activities of the president has opened as a buyer will be presented during the week each film is devoted to certain periods in the history of the independent kazakhstan in the president's role in the country's development the first president. just open the dryer was elected on december first. in nineteen ninety one the time has shown that we made the right choice the films included in the program shoulder so cannot survive as a politician in the person i am sure you will learn a lot of things about a president from the stones know what hubby to get to know him more schooling university students also attended the opening of the documentary films week the most active students receive the gift book of the present times and got signed by him. he was our first child. i received this book for good standing to produce a patient in our college life. i'm very grateful for this event because it is very important for us it is great to get such gifts that ever went
to take this into account. i don't agree with the way the transfers are made from the national budget to the regional budget in terms of the co financing of projects that. with what we eat the food theme. senators approved a new tax law on the first reading. you will increase the excise tax on alcohol and cigarettes and the stamp tax on property and certain types of vehicles the excise tax on strong drinks will double next year and triple by two thousand sixteen the excise tax on cigarettes will jump thirty percent a year. the next three years legislation simplifies tax rules for small and medium size businesses. minister of regional vellum and allowed john michelle wants the government to require builders to obtain bankruptcy insurance. he also called for rule that prevents builders from changing project designs the minister was discussing the reasons for building project cost overruns at a briefing in the central communication service he said no project cost estimate should be higher than that of a solar project from the year before the ministry looked at the work of more than five
copper production there. all but i don't feel contains three am andifty million tonnes of iron ore currently this amount is equal to the only cyclist mine field exploration and evaluation of the mineral resources will be held on the ice pieces of the housing ministry of industry in new technologies according to pentagon the regional department of industry. these works are included in the comprehensive development plan of just cause gun region is executable too much to do exploration work will be held and discuss gun region called the on field is a very big field with very large reserves. this is a very powerful production it will be a very large or dressing plant more than fifteen hundred people work there the one that will force the issue will push the ball to complete the book their sense of the opera was performed in the turkish city of some sewing for the first time ever this important event for ca that spins quarter was devoted to the one hundred anniversary of the cars the composer will conduct a levi's opera was performed in the turkish language the most talented opera singe
think that these types of nation state the kooks who don't speak it too i can without going into true true true true. most of the code states it is still under negotiation. but i think this is that the vests that. you have come from. now it could be if a shield that keeps these. to be a boon. we didn't choose to move beyond the cost is able to see additional compete the people greenpeace would be nice and smoked and picks up the contents and ice and i think it's an identity with us in front of another time and that's if upon spying kept in pj's with us because naturally will be more casualties. lulu. i will. d do we will will will will will will. studio boston international airport will be doubled to handle the surge in passengers expected for expo twenty seventeen according to ask our german golly of the minister of transportation and communications the announcement came at a meeting of the national expo commission which signed off on the next poll registration while there will be sent to the international exhibitions bureau in paris. prime minister sir e r maine off presided at the
a colossal structure on the stage there is a huge load on the stage but the actors in it don't seem to be so small on one hand the scenery is big. they're even bigger than ours but on the other hand everything looks perfect on the speed stage. it was only a tiny pup was ecstatic especially keen to oblige the latest news is that three got the dogs cuts out that stevie got kate said attendees of the human resources best management practices to motivating and police forum have come to the conclusion that this it will cause it's done companies do not have any clear and defined principles of educating bonus payment and korea developments. when serene company started the introduction of a systematic approach to debt management activities of employees and companies long ago. companies are now introducing a complex approach to education and development. many companies in kazakhstan have to develop face approach from scratch and that we skipped making mistakes is hiring of these cases there is also a reese kept missing something and the personnel suffer because of that ye may prove these here one of
of the project and the country to its current increasing and increasing prices. when you don't need to achieve this we are planning to increase the financing by ten percent and current bbc she was being discussed. we are attracting road building materials for use in kazakhstan in case of the deficit of such a material with using the material produced in the countries of the customs union. the turnover between the eu and asia pacific region is estimated at about six million containers annually at present ninety eight percent of the school was carried by foreign ships built for the force bypassing the character of kazakhstan and the same time a transit route from asia pacific to europe by kazakhstan. he's much more to them this evening. the main competitive advantage of kazakhstan is that the time of delivery short that was the same conditions of delivery fees predicts an inevitable increase in traffic and the chinese new recruits and transit through kazakhstan. implementation of the scholarship is on the wane for regions at present the main emphasis is made of the talmudic on glossy route we aw
for the book was followed in cricket. most of the day when you don't just think of the division yet the president's scholarship program bala shock turns twenty today on november fifth nineteen ninety three and the sultan as a minor established educational program which you can extend students an opportunity to study abroad at the expense of the government over the years nine thousand five hundred students have been granted a scholarship things into policy of newark on party has presented the results of the research on the program sufficiency to mark the anniversary over thirteen hundred ml shot graduates and forty six experts have taken part in the research eighteen percent of the respondents think the one i got the same level of knowledge and skills that the universities of kazakhstan been caught in a rate of most shocked graduates is ninety two percent. in general is all show that the respondents highly praised the program sufficiency for the experts agree with them as well. they inevitably in their stocking travel a bit to the extent of their passivity. they see more and they co
this up don't look with all the parking lot but it wasn't. thus the non ballet to pay a visit shanghai as a part of the world toward the artists will give just one concert there which will be held in one of the city's biggest theaters the true faith promises to give the really fantastic show it to our concert includes national dances and most of the great skills of the performers are ballet dancers want to prove the context and as a country which is developing not only economically but also court ruling. get healthy. i'm very impressed by today show they have quite a different school but i liked this performance very much the body mobility in their motions were great and of a concert program is called easton rhapsody in consist of sixteen games is the one to impress the chinese audience and tell them or a mosque and expand the program includes a national dance in the classical dance but with some modern twists more programs that three got the dogs cuts out that stevie got kate said. see kazakhstan medical services market cannot be seen to become green specially say to the development o
i don't. additionally and to him. every year highs are in khost on one of the cobblestones regions or one of the russian regions and besides that we should underline that up to ninety three regions of russia seventy six called for aid and trade with the cobblestone streets. oh we can say that all the regions of khost don't have. trade ties and commercial ties with russia this was the pony girl issues developing. and that from day to day. a stinker the future. these developments will be great the a real platform in the philippines between june and december. i am a form called the twenty fourth place in the least of the war nature was austin's of the spirit. even before that i follow protocols in at the swamp that it would be the most destructive natural disaster in the keys to the country. the focus to prevent users however bets will be avoided. officially fourth of all the files and people will come from. an official sources we pulled up to ten thousand being to continue them injured the philippine authorities determined that david steele who tries to help the typhoon survivors. th
's not going to wrap the city farm don't forget that in the type called the fire going in the seas. it seems that every day more. although my night of fun. the latest news is that three got the dogs cuts out that stevie got kate said. vin number of the six non residents. one of the county's the active users of the electronic government in the area financial services is increasing especially so because the minister of labour and social security and report to the gym and the first ten months of the spirit of kazakhstan residents received over two million electronic services connected with the flow of money in pension funds which is two point five times more compares least twenty wealth. it was nbc tuition together with the minister of transport and communications. he's working on fourteen coatings directed to the improvement of business operations. in addition kazakhstan residents of every much interested in the state of affairs that would be history. the service is available to feed off the dock is that users. i am one year. abide in them. but it covered raisins leaves a database of the first
with flour. i don't believe in the stabilization fund and the food corporation are ready to provide power to the region's commercial tackled this issue. nobody knew i needed. with a new way to the toon army in the bedroom prices will not increase up to be in the year weekend at the monterey and according to the ministry of oil and gas the price will fall to a barrel the price will fall on ron ninety two enron ninety three pitcher of fuel. when you open it. in an attempt to get it. stan started exporting beef to russia. puzzles are among the concerns in his opinion the new draft law on and of course it will help increase the competitiveness of the agriculture sector the doctor may emphasize is the shootings in their certificates for free free from the secured animals guarantees performing loans to banks and subsidizing cost of raw materials. we knew that it is overdue. how are we going to solve the problem of the resources within the country and the bulk exports to president likewise sixty thousand tons of sales today we have imported meat in all their products. will we be able to fulfill
of the markets don't know or should be performed from commodity exchanges will be sixteen percent involves the least of ghost witch and demand that retreated to an exchange based least also involves wheat barley cold cement and other student teaching and kazakhstan. it is. sleeping is cute though are the masters who make it additionally the bases of the prevailing market prices the exchange has an ability to shape the national prize indicators which are the basis for the market participants including expert transactions as well as government agencies while wanting for forecasting their budgets. when using these new bbq going to put new release was rude. at present the whole world uses widely known indicators such as brent oil want to london killed sixteen. these indicators are for him to different markets and have a completely different places and rnc. kazakhstan is an export oriented country the concept economy also need to sew in the national team became the reason that de la pena for us to come the kids took him to whom it and the other was an extra something special attention to is the
the disaster rea. the blon haipress wernotble mov bac to it all citizens people save their children first don't have any luggage or personal belongings with him all of them were forced to leave their houses when the lawn the typhoon hit the central philippines the club on is almost completely destroyed according to the local residents the city is out of communication water food and medicines. meanwhile the first groups of victims have already been sent to manila that every cares for the victims of the disaster are located here. currently does arrive the storm approaches philippines kiernan says the group of military men to the philippines to assist local authorities in the rectification of the consequences of the high on typhoon local media reports according to the canadian minister of foreign affairs john baird the first military aircraft with a disaster recovery capabities in an emergency response team on board is ready to fight to the philippines and some four hours previously by air to announce that the canadian authorities was to locate five million dollars to cheer when organizations th
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22 (some duplicates have been removed)